Water Level Dependent vs. Water Level Independent Nozzles: What's the Difference?

Mark Crawford May 08, 2023
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If you have been involved with fountains or water features for any length of time, you may have come across the terms "water level dependent" and "water level independent" nozzles. But what do these terms mean?

Water Level Dependent Nozzles

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Water level-dependent nozzles are designed to be installed at a certain level relative to the operating water level, such as the top of the nozzle at the operating water level, slightly above or below. This is necessary to create the desired aesthetic display, and installing them too high or too low can cause issues like turbulence and unexpected heights. Examples of water-level-dependent nozzles include bubblers, aerators, and cascade or geyser nozzles.

Water Level Independent Nozzles

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On the other hand, water-level independent nozzles can be installed completely out of the water without affecting the aesthetic display they create. Examples of water-level independent nozzles include the smooth bore or straight jets, mushroom or dome-type nozzles, and fan jets.

Identity Crisis

When considering different nozzles for your water feature, it is crucial to understand whether they are water level dependent or independent and what aesthetic display they create. Do not rely solely on the name of the nozzle, as some manufacturers, distributors, and sellers may use non-traditional names that do not accurately reflect the nozzle's water level dependency or aesthetic display.

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