Answers to your questions

As a consultant/specifier, do you represent a particular company or its products exclusively?

Some jurisdictions see this as being a conflict of interest, i.e. specifying the same products you represent. I “Do Not” represent any companies, brands, or products exclusively. There are no companies that have the best of everything including; Price, Lead Time, and Quality and for that reason I will not hesitate to recommend the best choice of product (given many), even if I have no affiliation.

Do you provide equipment and/or install fountains?

No, I do not provide equipment or install fountains, however I will consider helping via pre-construction meetings, onsite evaluations or other consulting services related to water features (off or online). Preplanning can save you lots of time, money and needless headaches.

What is the #1 reason water features fail and become a planter?

Overdesigned Systems – Water feature designs often exceed staff competency levels. Owners lack long-term staff to maintain fountains properly, leaving new staff with no written instructions or training. This reduces overly sophisticated and expensive designs sold as “low maintenance” or “monitored/protected” systems to simple manual operation, auto systems by-passed or worse, shut-off completely due to failed troubleshooting.

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