A Better Floating Fountain

Mark Crawford Apr 29, 2023
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Floating Fountain

A Better Floating Fountain

8ft High Jet with LED lighting


Tired of replacing your floating fountain pump?

Typical floating fountain submersible pumps do not last very long. Voltage, clogging, and quality are the reasons.

Would you like a better floating fountain system?

One that can last 15 years or more?

A more reliable cost-effective system?


A “Dry Pump” Floating Fountain System is the solution!

This is not just theory. I have used this design to retrofit existing floating fountains and for new installs with great success.

When it must work reliably and with low maintenance, go with a “Dry Pump” Floating Fountain System!

Dry pumps located near the power source (vs out in the lake) do not suffer voltage drop, they can pass larger debris so clogging is less likely, and their quality is much higher.

The basic “dry pump” floating fountain system consists of:

  • A float assembly, including an integral nozzle and LED lighting, is anchored in the lake using ¼” rope and concrete blocks.

  • Discharge tubing is installed from the nozzle to the pump along with the lighting cord.

  • A suction hose is installed from the pump to the foot valve with an integral strainer.

  • The pump is mounted on fiberglass grating and assembled with a valve, y-strainer, and gauges.

  • A timer/controller for the pump and lighting is installed on a post with a GFCI breaker.

The 1st button below will take you to a source for your float/nozzle assembly and lighting kit.

Navigate to: Fountains and Fountain Nozzles > EasyPro Floating Fountain Heads > Easypro Floating Fountain Head, includes 2" Rocket Nozzle - ACF1N

and then to Fountains and Fountain Nozzles > EasyPro Stainless Steel Warm White Light Kits > Warm White Fountain Lighting Kit 2-LED Lights with 100FT Power Cord for Fountains up to 3/4 HP

The 2nd button will take you to an AMZ kit containing the rest of the main components including pump, tubing, timer/controller, etc.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

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